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The most important skill a trader can build is a winning trading mindset. This is the missing ingredient that separates successful traders from unsuccessful traders. Everybody can be using the same profitable strategy, yet the majority of them will still lose money.
So, the fundamental question is why a profitable trading system is not working for everyone? The difference have always lied in the mindset of the traders.
How do you know that you whether you have a healthy mindset for trading? Do you face these experiences when trading?
You have a setup, but you still hesitate to trigger the trade because you are worried the trade won't work out - Fear of Losing Money
You are in a good trade but you are worried you may lose out on the gains eventually, so you play safe and exit, only to see the stock continue to run! - Fear of Returning Profit
You just made a trading loss and to make up for the loss, you become more aggressive in your trading - revenge trading
Whenever you trade, you have this at the back of your mind - what if I am wrong?
You know you should exit a trade but worried you may missed out on more gains - Fear of Leaving Too Much on the Table
Let losing trades run hoping for a return to breakeven - Self-denial
Consistently make small profits but have been unable to bring your trading performance to the next level
If you are honest with yourself, you may have experienced these scenarios at some point of your trading journey until and unless you develop a winning trading mindset.
How then can you build a winning trading mindset?
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I am looking forward to finally share how this can be done so you can do the same to bring your Trading Success to the NEXT LEVEL!
To Your Trading Success,
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CK Ee,
Chief Trainer and COO of Asia Charts Pte Ltd
Here is a comment and testimonial from one of the participant in that workshop.
"It is a hard-to-teach course for us to understand how our mind can interfere in our thinking and consequently affect our trading results. CK has constructed the course in such a way that he makes us appreciate that we can't trust our minds 100% all the time. He later builds on it by making us appreciate the characteristics of the market and how incompatible it is with our emotions. After which, he introduces methods to jam-brake the automatic loop between thinking -> emotions -> psychology"
"CK has illustrated with various examples to make us understand how our brains have cognitive bias. It is a course that I encourage people to attend"
- Li Ying Hui, 22 July 2017
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