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Dear Super Rally, Dynamic Band and CIUP traders,
Getting into a stock at the right time and right price is only half of the battle won. Or I'll even go as far to say it's only 10% of the equation - understanding how to MAXIMISE profits by exiting at the RIGHT time is what most traders struggle with.

SR, DB and CIUP trading systems and discussions at the members' forum would allow most, if not all of you trade profitably by now. However, for those who are thinking about making higher gain per trade, maximising your profits - does it seem always so hard to lock in profits nicely?
Put A STOP To Your Profit "LEAKS"
Think about all the times that you exited a position to collect your profits only to see the stock price continue to climb... And the profits that "could have been", how much more would you have gained?
Two traders using the exact same trading system (be it SR, DB or CIUP) can buy a counter at the EXACT same price. But their profits at the end of the trade can be a difference between hundreds of dollars VS THOUSANDS of dollars.
The reason why most traders can't stop their profits from LEAKING through their fingers is because they tend to either exit the trade too LATE or too EARLY.
Safely Time Your Exit
Not Too Late, Not Too Early To
"SQUEEZE" Maximum Gains
(With An Advanced & PROVEN Technique)
Over the years and decades I've been coaching intermediate and advanced traders, I observed that the biggest challenge most face is "squeezing" MAXIMUM gains from trades, so that they don't have to keep so many positions to earn the same amount. Less positions, less stress.
That's because most traders are...
Emotional and overly anxious to take profit - selling stocks way too early even though there are strong signals and trends that suggest further upside
Greedy and overly optimistic of the trend - holding stocks longer than the charts and candlesticks tell, hoping that the bull will run longer
"Guestimate" based on "gut feel" - enter and exit positions purely based on "gut feel", sometimes making more losses than gains
Subtle Signs But MASSIVE Results.
Now, "squeezing" almost every last drop of profit from a single trade is by no means an easy feat. It took me TWENTY YEARS of trading full-time to finally grasp the subtle signs for MASSIVE results in my trades, and putting a STOP to my profit LEAKS.

Subtle signs such as the pacing of price movements, the shortening of thrusts, the anomalies between stock price and trading volume, and many others.

The good news is, you can take advantage of my experience, mistakes, and successes by attending my upcoming Maxi Gains workshop. So you won't have to spend years and decades of trial and error to figure it out.
I'll show you my proven advanced trading technique step-by-step so you can replicate it for your own trades.
Maxi Gains FREE 2‑Hour Webinar on 20th Feb 2021
Since last year's Maxi Gains workshop ended, I've been receiving requests from fellow traders to conduct it again. I'm pleased to share that it's coming once again, and I'd like to invite you to a FREE 2‑hour webinar to learn more about the Maxi Gains technique.
Now, Maxi Gains is an advanced trading technique, and we assume you already know how to make profitable trades using Super Rally, Dynamic Band, or CIUP trading systems. So we'll go straight into advanced concepts and the "meaty" details of how to "SQUEEZE" maximum profits from your trades and stopping your profits from "leaking".
What you can expect in this FREE 2‑hour live webinar on Maximising Profits From Trades:
1. How to identify the SUBTLE signs that bring MASSIVE trading results
2. How to put a STOP to the profit "leaks" in your trades
3. How to take a winning trade & "SQUEEZE" maximum profits
4. How the Maxi Gains technique helps you achieve breakthrough and bring your trading to a whole new level
5. The Maxi Gains 5-Point Refinement System
6. Q&A
Here's what fellow traders say:
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Maxi Gains FREE 2-Hour Webinar
Topic: How To Squeeze Maximum Gains From Your Trades
Time: 20 Feb (Sat), 2021 10:15AM-12PM Singapore
Registration (access) from 09:45 am,
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P.S. This would be the ONLY workshop in the first half of 2021 and the webinar is only limited to 100 attendees, so please reserve your spot ASAP! But please note that this is an advanced trading workshop for traders who are already familiar with making profitable trades and are looking to "SQUEEZE" maximum gains.
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