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Dear SR Traders,
If you have been trading for some time, the inevitable plateau effect will set in.
You may be profitable, but you want more ... more in terms of profit, confidence, clarity, certainty... and you are probably looking for a breakthrough that will take your trading to a whole new level. This is where the advanced strategies in Maxi Gains programme will come in useful.
There will always be a level of psychology discomfort in taking and managing a trade. With the advanced strategies you get better in analyzing your trade... know when to hang on for bigger gain, or take defensive measure to limit exposure, etc. All these help to boost your self-confidence and better handle the psychology discomfort inherent in every trade.
In this course you will learn,
How to understand the core message of the market
How to identify accurate price targets to make a bulk of profits in any trend
How to identify 'red flags' arising from anomalies in the market structure to know when to exit
How to adjust stops to stay in trades for maximum gains
How to use time analysis - the 3rd dimension of market to your advantage
Understanding the power of weeklies
All these are embodied in our 5-dimensional space of analysis.
Maxi-gains is designed to gives you a complete approach which shows you exactly how successful trade management can increase your profitability on any single strategy that you are using today.
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To Your Trading Success
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CK Ee,
Chief Trainer and COO of Asia Charts Pte Ltd
"Cannot find this workshop anywhere else - MUST ATTEND!" - Debbie Wong
"After attending this course, it's like collecting GOLD." - Ng Boon Leong
"SR Workshop gives us a weapon to win a trade. Maxi Gain Workshop gives us the secret weapon to win the trade beautifully!" - Keith Hoi"
"Very comprehensive on price, volume & time analysis. I have read many TA books, but no single TA book gives such in-depth knowledge." - Yeo Kok Wee
"Maxi Gains is above and beyond my expectation. Thank You! " - Francis Koh
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