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Dear Fellow Traders,
I recently conducted a seminar on Golden Swing where I emphasized the importance of stock selection. In a study by CDA / Wieseberger using data from 1940 to 1973 and repeated using data from 1980 to 1992 reviewed just how importance stock selection is.
This study involved 2 fictitious investors, Mr Selection and Mr Timing. Mr Timing can perfectly call every market swing of 10% or more, buying at the exact low and selling at the exact high.
Mr Selection simply invests 100% of his funds in the top -performing market sector each year. While both are profitable, Mr Selection beat Mr Timing from 1940 to 1973, generating over 30 times as much profits! And again from 1980 to 1992, Mr Selection generated over 4 times as much profits. The results clearly illustrate that stock selection is more critical than timing by a LARGE margin.
Very often investors know the key elements to investing but are unaware of their importance and their differing weightage. They usually end up placing emphasis in the wrong area.
bookTaking a leaf out of the classic book, Reminiscence of a Stock Operator also gives us a clue about performing stocks.

"Prices are never too high to begin buying or too low to begin selling".
This statement implies that leaders continue to lead price.
bookIn Golden Swing, our focus is to identify a basket of leaders for our trades. Trading only the leaders effectively shifts our bell curve towards the right thereby greatly improving our odds.
In my monthly follow-up coaching, I have often revealed what the BEST BETS are but I had NEVER revealed how I actually unearth all these stock gems. But...
I have scheduled another Golden Swing course on 14th Sep 2019 to share with you how to identify those stocks. This is likely the last workshop for the year and you don't want to miss out!
In this workshop, I will teach you how to
Identify the basket of Strong Stocks to trade by doing a "Curve Shift"
Use the "Power of Small" to identify strong moves by observing little-know subtle market signals
Understanding the different phases of a trend so you know where you are in bigger scheme of things
Trading strengthening momentum through time cycle alignment to gain better odds
Understand how to use a simple indicator that effectively combines all the time cycles to achieve the alignment
Leverage on specialized trading tools to simplify your decision-making
Any many more...
Your investment if you take action FAST is ONLY $1600 S1200
Hurry! We have only a few seats left!
Sign up now by calling us at 9741 6855 Or register online by clicking on the button below
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Also... The Breakthrough
NEW Investment Tool!
This is the part that I am the most excited. You see, to generate the Strongest stock in the past, I would have to spend hours doing some "homework" with the charting software to finally narrow down the best stocks.
Hours, yes, I said hours. That was why I never shared the mechanics behind this stock selection process.
But here's the part that has gotten me all excited and you should too. We have developed a new Smart Trading Tool that now requires us just to spend a few minutes to do what I used to do in hours!
Now I just need to load up the tool, click and click, in just a few minutes I have my answer! I can't wait to show this to you. But only in this workshop.
So sign up now for this workshop to avoid disappointment!
Trading successfully is very much like mining gold. If you have a gold metal detector to tell you where the potential gold is, you don't have to spend hours or even days digging up random spots to find your gold. You can focus your time and energies on only the stocks that have the highest chance of giving you a handsome profit from the trade.
So don't miss out this chance to find out how I consistently do it and discover how easy it can be for you too with the new tool we have developed.
I will see you at the workshop!
To Your Trading Success,
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