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Anyone in the market long enough would know that only a handful of stocks of any major index make 80% or more of the total gains. However, somehow or someway, we seldom (or even never) manage to pick out these "Very Best" when they're on the "Golden Swing" upwards.
BUT... what if we could get our hands on a proven trading method that I - and many of my students over the years - used to NARROW down a basket of high potential stocks to this handful of the "Very Best" that have the MOST potential to return 2X, 5X or even 10X?
Interested in how it works? Read on to understand more about what I mean...
Trading The "Golden Swing": Finding The Strongest Stocks In the Strongest Sector
Imagine having a proven METHOD that can help you CONSISTENTLY select the best stock(s) to trade (or leaders, if you will) with the BEST odds of outperforming the rest.
The question for every trader is: if I only have $X, which stock do I buy? Because I can't possibly buy ALL of them? We only want to buy what I normally term as the "Very Best" in the market, to trade the "Golden Swing".
Often, these are the ones that SWING upwards with a lot of momentum.
Typically, I will then ask, "What are the strongest sectors?"
And from the strongest sector, "What is the strongest stock?"
Now, despite weak market sentiment, we are still able to identify strong stocks like:
DBS Group
Best World
DBS Group
Best World
The trends are all similar. There is a sharp downward trend for each of the stocks in a relatively short time frame after I highlighted them.
Even with the recent uncertainty in the market, there are still strong stocks to be uncovered. The system is amenable to finding strong stocks, regardless of the opinion of "experts" may have about the market.
To help you understand better, I will conduct a webinar on 18 May 2024 (Sat), 10 am - 12 pm
You'll discover:
Unique principles of Golden Swing in finding the BEST BET
Benefit of a curve shift that radically put you ahead.
Trading strengthening momentum through time cycle alignment to gain better odds.
Understanding the different phases of a trend so you know where you are in bigger scheme of things.
The small-big paradox that puzzles most traders.
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P.S. If you want to know how to pick the best one or two stocks to trade from a basket of potential stocks to trade, this workshop is for you.
P.P.S. This is an advanced trading method, so I would assume that you already know how to trade profitably in the stock market, but are looking for how to pick the "Very BEST" for the most profits in the shortest time.
"Golden Swing is a must-attend course which can give you an edge in picking the right stocks for swing trading and providing a deeper understanding on how to trade them."
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