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Dear Investors,
Have you ever wondered why...
... By the time some public-listed companies make an important public announcement about some major development or a takeover deal, their stock prices have ALREADY spiked up!
Did someone know beforehand? Or could it be the work of some "Big Boys"?
Now, think about this, if you have a choice...
Here are some examples of how we used our "secret" investment tool to detect stocks that have unusual trading activity long before anyone else...
(Note the blue up-arrow is when our system flag us for possible entry into a stock and they normally come before a SGX query and major announcement)
Hong Fok
Let's take the best performing stock this year - Hi-P. It has a fantastic 2017 and 1Q18 in terms of stock gains, particularly due to its explosive growth and momentum for the previous years.
Unfortunately, when Hi-P's growth stagnated and even reporting a dip in gross profit in its 1H18's reports, the stock price tumbled from its peak of $2.72 to $0.73 over the following 2-3 quarters - a whopping nosedive of 70+%.
Hi-P managed to make some gains earlier this year, but it's not until Feb 2019 that it saw significant gains.
Right before analysts upgrade Hi-P from a "Sell" to a "Hold" on 25th Feb 2019, indicating that the "worst is over", our proprietary trading system alerted us to enter at a price of $0.965 on 11th Feb 2019.
Is this just a coincidence?
Our system manage to detect such "UNUSUAL movements" before actual news of upgrade. Like it or not, new information coming into the market is always UNEVENLY DISTRIBUTED and our system take advantage of it.
If you think about it, it's almost if SGX was using a similar system to detect unusual price activities before querying the companies!
Of course, SGX will not reveal how and what they use to detect such unusual activites and even if they have a system, there's absolutely no chance they will make it available for retail investors to use!
But as you can see from the previous examples, we already have a system that can do almost the same function and it's something that any investors can use with a little bit of training.
More examples include...
Creative Tech (2018) +585%
Venture (2017) +200%
AEM Holdings (2017) +128%
Global Logistics (2016) +69%
Super Group (2016) +52%
... and many more.
What is this system? How does it work? Can you own one yourself so that you can capture these trades early before any other retail investors and thus maximising your profits?
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