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Dear Traders,
While uncertainties of the reopening of Singapore's economy continue to ebb, and the global situation of the pandemic is rather mixed at this point, we're seeing some slight recoveries in the stock market.
That said, there were some stocks that have seen explosive gains, leaving most of the market in a dust trial. Top Glove (+159%), Riverstone (+127%), AEM (34%), and more recently UG Healthcare (+195%) are just some of the higher profile stocks (more on them later).
Now, what if I told you we were able to get EXACT entry prices for the winners BEFORE they started to surge? Plus, we'll even know when to get out right before the market started to digest the gains.
Sounds like "insider trading" to you, doesn't it? Read on to learn more.
UG Healthcare
On 28th May 2020, SGX queried UG Healthcare after a 40+% surge in price on 27 May 2020. Turns out, the healthcare company released some announcements that were not captured by SGX's news ticker.
UG Healthcare announced that their gloves demand and prices were expected to increase in the coming year on 19 May 2020, which was only captured by Dow Jones News. Investors and traders wouldn't know because UG Healthcare wasn't a hot stock, anyway.
Luckily for us and our students, our proprietary trading system ALERTED us on 27th May 2020, BEFORE SGX's query, that there were "unusual price movements", allowing us to get in early and reap a 195+% gain (as of 26 Jun 2020).
Here are other examples:
Top Glove
Spot the BLUE arrow and RED lines - that's when our system ALERTS us that a price surge is around the corner because of "unusual market movements".
Like it or not, new information (official or otherwise) coming into the market is always UNEVENLY DISTRIBUTED and our system takes advantage of that gap in information. Now, our system works on price surges as well.
As mentioned, our system works for SHORT SELLING as well. Here's the proof:
CDL Hospitality Trust
Frasers Hospitality Trust
The selldown of these stocks needs no explanation but you can tell that from these charts, our trading system apparently ALERTED us that there were impending stock price plunges.
Just look at the red arrows and twin lines on each chart - those were the times we were ALERTED.
That's not all - we also managed to spot many OTHER winners and losers amidst the COVID-19 CHAOS.
Here are some examples that we shared previously...
Medtecs +311%
Biolidics +168%
... and many more.
What is this system? How does it work? Can you own one yourself so that you can SURVIVE the chaotic stock market post-CB and make some profits?
To find out more, we'd like to invite you to our FREE Webinar.
P.S. I'm confident that you'll learn that trading amidst a crisis like the one we're in now is not much different from trading in a thriving market. The main difference is just the direction of the stock price.
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