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Dear Traders,
Many market watchers thought the new year recovery was short‑lived, but businesses that have adapted fast to the "ever evolving" economy and continue to look forward, have seen decent growth and their stock prices reflect the market's overall improving sentiments.
What most traders and investors are still scratching their heads about is that it's even harder to find the right businesses to look at. The most obvious winners had already run their course last year (most of which we've covered in past emails), and the not‑so‑obvious winners usually only appear on our radars after they've made sizable gains or queried by SGX.
For example, a stock such as Food Empire recently saw its price shoot past its thirteen‑year high over a period of 3 months since Dec 2020, causing SGX to query its more recent rally on 3 Feb 2021 for "unusual price movements". Needless to say, by then, Food Empire's stock had already seen some impressive gains, and became the talk of the town overnight (more on Food Empire below).
Now, what if I told you we were able to get EXACT entry prices for the winners BEFORE they started to run? Plus, we'll even know when to get out RIGHT BEFORE the market started to sell to collect profits.
Sounds like "insider trading" to you, doesn't it? Read on to learn more.
Food Empire
Food Empire is one of the many stocks that fell out of favour since COVID-19 hit us hard last year. However, in the last few weeks of 2020, the company best known for its instant coffee brands such as MacCoffee and Klassno, started picking back up.
The obvious and very aggressive share buybacks that their management made in Jan and Feb 2021 have put Food Empire on many analysts' radars, as it's a strong signal of their confidence in the business's outlook for 2021 and beyond.
Before the aggressive buybacks that happen every few days every week since Jan 2021, our proprietary trading system sounded off that there were bubblings of "unusual activity" on 23 Dec 2020, and a re-entry signal on 3 Feb 2021.
True enough, SGX queried Food Empire on 3 Feb 2021 because of the explosive movement in its stock price. Our students got a decent profit of 57.5% after collecting profit on 9 Feb 2021 when Food Empire hit a high of $1.
SIA was among the many tourism-related stocks that got battered badly ever since COVID-19 hit us, and never saw better days until recently. Following the positive news during the announcement of Singapore's Budget 2021 that the aviation sector will receive financial aid of more than two times of last year's, SIA's stock started to pick up a little.
However, it was only recently that SIA saw some impressive gains despite the street's consensus that it'd take a long time for SIA to recover from the past year or so of losses. To many market watchers' surprise, SIA was one of the top movers to end off Feb 2021.
On 23 Feb 2021, we were alerted by our proprietary trading system that there were "unusual price movements" and to enter at $4.43. Subsequently, SIA's stock price hit a high of $5.75 in a matter of weeks, resulting a tidy 30% profit.
After Hi-P International CEO's announcement to take the company private, Hi-P was the talk of the town. But prior to that, Hi-P was one of the silent "killers" that brought quite decent gains since the start of November 2020.
Much of its gains was due to hopes of US Presidential Candidate Biden's victory, since it would mean stocks with China connections would benefit, Hi-P being one of them. Hi-P's stock price slowly climbed from $1.20 to a last transacted price of $1.76 before Hi-P's CEO offered $2 to take the company private.
On 3 Nov 2020, our proprietary trading system alerted us MORE THAN 1 month that there were "unusual market movements", netting a tidy profit of 54% amidst an otherwise sideways market.
P.S. CK also analysed the charts and mentioned a re-entry to students on 15 Dec 2020, days BEFORE the announcement of the private offer.
Of course, Hi-P, Food Empire and SIA are just a few of the many stocks our trading system picked up. Here are other examples:
Spot the BLUE arrow and RED lines - that's when our system ALERTS us that a price surge is around the corner because of "unusual market movements".
Like it or not, new information (official or otherwise) coming into the market is always UNEVENLY DISTRIBUTED and our system takes advantage of that gap in information.
Medical stocks with insane returns picked up by the system last year:
UG Healthcare
That's not all - our system works for SHORT SELLING as well. Here's the proof:
UG Healthcare
The selldown of these stocks needs no explanation but you can tell that from these charts, our trading system apparently ALERTED us that there were impending stock price plunges.
Just look at the RED arrows and twin lines on each chart - those were the times we were ALERTED.
That's not all - we also managed to spot many OTHER winners and losers amidst the COVID-19 CHAOS.
Here are some examples that we shared previously...
Sembcorp Industries +84%
Perennial Holdings +128%
CNMC Goldmine +76%
AEM +34%
... and many more.
What is this system? How does it work? Can you own one yourself so that you can identify potential "insider trading" BEFORE the market moves?
To find out more, we'd like to invite you to our FREE Webinar.
P.S. I'm confident that you'll learn that trading amidst a crisis is not much different from trading in a thriving market, or even an "ever evolving" economy. The main difference is just the direction of the stock price and market news.
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