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Dear Investors,
Have you ever wondered why...
... By the time some public-listed companies make an important public announcement about some major development or a takeover deal, their stock prices have ALREADY spiked up!
Did someone know beforehand? Or could it be the work of some "Big Boys"?
Now, think about this, if you have a choice...
Here are some examples of how we used our "secret" investment tool to detect stocks that have unusual trading activity long before anyone else...
(Note the blue up-arrow is when our system flag us for possible entry into a stock and they normally come before a SGX query and major announcement)
Creative Technology
Take a case of Cogent Holdings, a logistics company. It's a relatively unknown stocks until recently. The stock had been flagged several times over the years. The most recent was in Sep 2017 which eventually culminated into a buy-out.
Stock was flagged on 14 Sep. This was followed by a run-up which earned the Company a query from the Singapore Exchange. Company informed that they were unaware of the Unusual Price Movement. Stock subsequently traded sideways to digest the recent gains. The stock was flagged again on 3 Nov. Shortly, company made an announcement of a voluntary offer by Cosco at $1.02/share.
If you think about it, it's almost if SGX was using a similar system to detect unusual price activities before querying the companies!
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