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Dear Fellow Trader,
Have you ever wondered why some stocks surge BEFORE important announcements? Sometimes even triggering SGX's query because of "UNUSUAL" movements!
Now, most traders would say that it's usually the "BIG BOYS" or institutional investors or fund managers who are the only ones with access to this kind of information.
But what if I tell you that we spent DECADES studying stock market price movements and developed our "secret" trading tool that ALERTS us when there are "UNUSUAL" movements?
Think about it: knowing EXACTLY when the "BIG BOYS" are making their move and taking full advantage to ride on it.
Interested? I want to invite you to an exclusive preview where I'll show you EXACTLY how our "secret" trading tool works.
What You'll Learn In This Preview
1. Making use of a simple trading alert tool so you don't have to constantly monitor the market
2. Market Action 101 - Why the market moves
3. Understand Mr Market's various moods & how to profit from "Mood Swings"
4. How to know when you SHOULD and SHOULDN'T enter the market
5. The KEY to profiting from "Unusual Market Moves"
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