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What if you could filter out the unimportant and unrelated information to get a clear message of the market through price and volume action overlay with appropriate technical indicators?
It's possible with Mastering Explosive Swings, an IBF-accredited and SkillsFuture credits claimable trading course. Get up to 70% subsidised course fees from IBF for Singaporeans & PRs.
You will learn to build a robust framework to identify lower risk and higher probability trades, optimising returns while mitigating risk.
Here are the 3 key learning outcomes you can expect from Mastering Explosive Swings
1. Leverage a comprehensive and proven approach to navigating the equities markets to make profitable trades
2. Understand what moves stock prices, how supply and demand rule the markets, and how these affect trading decisions
3. Master momentum-based trading techniques that work in volatile market environments
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ck.pngAbout CK Ee
CK is a co-founder of Asia Charts Pte Ltd. Chief Operating Officer and Chief Trainer of Asia Charts.
A Full-time active trader in the equities and derivatives markets. CK is a practitioner of technical analysis and has been actively trading since 1993 in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and US markets.
He focuses in trading growth stocks that have potential for big gains and using derivative instruments like CFD, options and warrants for better returns. CK is also an active trader of the forex and futures markets.
In his 20 years of trading experience, CK has developed dozens of trading systems and methods for medium and short term (both swing and intra-day) trading. CK is widely recognized analyst and trainer in technical analysis and regularly featured.
CK holds a bachelor degree of Science from University of London and Master of Science from National University of Singapore. He is also a certified behaviour consultant has keen interest in area of trading psychology.
P.S. Stop frustrating over the NOISE and learn how to pick up the CORRECT SIGNALS, especially in a stagnating market with only a handful of strong market leaders giving most of the gains.
P.P.S. You don't need any prior stock market experience to understand the content of this webinar. It's DESIGNED for beginner traders and investors who want to be ahead of the general market.
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