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Dear Super Rally Traders,
You have probably heard me say this very often, "The Trend Is Your Friend..." For most novice traders or retail investors, they only know how to trade the uptrend. Buy low, sell high. Buy high, sell higher. That's all they play for. But if that is the only strategy you are trading the market, then clearly a downtrend would not be your friend!
Now, professional traders on the other hand, relish a bear market as much as a bull market. Think about it. The market can ever be bullish all the time, so if you are not taking advantage of the bear market to trade, you are literally missing out on half the action... and short-changing your profits!
Short-selling? Is that even legal? Is it complicated?
Here's the thing. "Naked short-selling" is not encouraged by the Singapore Stock Exchange and if done wrongly, there are heavy penalties. However it is absolutely legal to short the market as there are trading platforms that allow us to do that with ease for example through CFDs.
Is it complicated? Now, the mechanism to execute shorting trades should be at least of your concern because these trading platforms are not any more complicated than a normal trading platform.
But the question is, - "How to know when is the right time to short and what are the early signals to look for that can give you an added advantage?"
It's Finally Here...
"The Advanced Shorting Course"
In the Super Rally Trading Course, we have shown you some basic setups that you can use as rules to short the market. To further help you increase your skills in shorting, I highly encourage you to attend our Advanced Shorting Course that focus solely on concepts and mechanics of Shorting.
In this course you will learn
Identify 6 core set up strategies in the downward trend
Short-sell in stocks that run up very fast
Analyze gaps for trend continuation or reversal
Identify strategies for even long trades
Identify short selling opportunities for short and medium-term traders
Money Management
And much more!
Unknown to many, actually one of the best time to short is actually during a bull run! When a stock runs up too fast, there is a high change it will eventually collapse. But how would you know when that 'U-turn' is going to happen? That is exactly what we will reach you in this course and in total, you will learn 6 core set-up strategies to equip you the necessary skills to make good profits from shorting the market!
Here are some of our previous participants have to say about this course.
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