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Asia Charts Pte Ltd was founded in 2006 by a group of professional traders with a vision to educate investors and traders with proper Trading Strategies that brings proven effective results in both the stock and futures market.

Having observed that many investors lose money in the stock market because they do not have a trading plan, the founders of Asia Charts realized that there is a need to help investors with a system to increase their chances of profiting from the stock market.

Dismayed by the increasing number of stock trading courses in the market that focuses on marketing hype rather than substance, Asia Charts decided to run their own stock trading seminars that focus on going 'back to the basics?and providing good 'old-fashioned? quality stock market trading education and strategies.

With more than 45 years of trading experience and research, they have discovered techniques that have worked very well for themselves and decided to put it into a system and share it with others in their stock trading courses.

Asia Charts is now a leading training institution in stock and futures trading education having trained thousands of students across Singapore and Malaysia and the numbers are rapidly growing.

The Super Rally Trading courses are well-received by both novices and experienced traders because the syllabus and trainers make advance trading techniques and strategies easy to understand. Despite its simplicity, the trading strategies taught are very robust and effective that even many experienced traders and remisiers have attended the courses.

In 2007, Asia Charts (Singapore) Pte Ltd created a SR Traders Hub to provide a conducive environment for students to master stock trading skills. Many students have benefited from this unique facility because it allows the trainers to correct the common mistakes faced by traders on the spot as they do live trading.

In addition to being a quality stock market education provider, Asia Charts also provides a suite of web-based products and services to complement the needs of investors.

In recognition of its professionalism and sound practices, Asia Charts was awarded the Professional Enterprise Award in 2007 and Professional Enterprise Certification in 2008. In 2010, Asia Charts was awarded the Successful Entrepreneur Award.

In 2010, Asia Charts was awarded the Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand, Singapore Brand Award as well as Successful Entrepreneur Award.

In 2011, Asia Charts is proud to be a recipient of the Most Promising Entrepreneurship Awards at ASIA PACIFIC ENTREPRENEURSHIP AWARDS 2011.



David Stringer (Professional Trader)

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